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Sit Stay Forever

$14.99 each

SIT. STAY. FOREVER. SAFETY FIRST PET PRODUCTS Organic Pet Sunscreen & Moisturizer, All Natural Red Raspberry Seed, Carrot Seed and Hemp Oils, 2 oz tin, Made in USA

  • THE BEST-TOXIN FREE PROTECTION from the sun on the market without hazardous zinc & titanium dioxides, benzones, octislate, octylenes, homosalate and octinoxtes which are all harmful to humans, dogs, cats and horses.
  • The FDA does not test / rate pet sunscreen with specific SPF ratings. We use finest oils that provide the highest in SPF protection. Coconut Oil (SPF 4-6), Olive Oil (SPF 2-8), Shea Butter (SPF 3-6), Red Raberry Oil (SPF 28-50), Carrot Seed Oil (SPF 38-40), Hemp Oil (SPF 6) and Lemongrass Oil (SPF6.5)
  • Our oils also provide the highest skin moisturizing and regenerative properties found on earth. Daily application is suggested in safeguarding your pet from the stress of the sun.
  • Organic all natural and waterproof. Made in New York.
  • Apply liberally and frequently. Works best if applied every time you go outside.

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