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Advice for preparing pets for holiday travel, the professionals at Personal Pet and Home Care has some tips

Preparing for Travel

There are so many things to consider when preparing for vacation. Not the least of which is who is going to take care of your pets.  In a time where people will steal your holiday and other packages right off your porch, it is more important than ever to think about a better way to protect pets and home when away.  At Personal Pet and Home Care our team are certified professionals.  Exceptionally careful and exceptionally loving.  Our vehicles are never marked so neighbors and those passing by do not know you are gone unless you tell them.  

After hiring a professional pet sitter, there is a laundry list of items to check off before departing.  Things like stopping routine deliveries, locking windows and doors, exchanging currency if  travelling abroad and more.  We have a handy dandy travel check list below.  Download and print it. Keep a copy on your computer for future vacations and business trips.

Download your printable copy here

Hire a professional pet sitter to care for your pets and home
________ Stop routine deliveries
________ Set thermostat and make pet sitter aware of normal house temperature setting
________ Leave itinerary with your professional pet sitter
________ Lock windows, garage and doors
Documents and Currency
________ Leave detailed instructions for your professional pet sitter
________ Guide books and maps
________ Passport and visa(s), if necessary
________ Foreign currency of your destination country, if applicable
________ Personal identification
________ Photocopies of documentation
Basic Essentials
________ Appropriate luggage
________ Luggage locks & ID tags (Do NOT lock checked baggage)
________ Appropriate clothing
________ Comfortable footwear
________ Rain protection
________ Camera
________ Small flashlight
________ Travel alarm clock
________ Small binoculars
________ Brimmed hat or visor
________ Reading materials
________ Playing cards/games
________ Address book
________ Comb/brush
________ Toothbrush/ paste
________ Dental floss
________ Shampoo
________ Blow dryer
________ Deodorant
________ Lotions/creams
________ Cologne
________ Lip balm
________ Towelettes
________ Shaving cream
________ Towel/washcloth
*Pack liquids/gels that are larger than 3 ounces in checked luggage. Place these items in one quart-size, clear plastic, ziptop bag in your carry-on luggage.
In Case of Emergency*
________ First Aid kit
________ Aspirin/pain reliever
________ Insect repellent
________ Extra contact lens
________ Antibiotic ointment
________ Alcohol wipes
________ Sunscreen
________ Motion sickness medicine
________ Personal hygiene items
________ Personal prescriptions
Better Safe than Sorry
________ Batteries for camera and flashlight
________ Mini sewing kit (place in checked baggage)
________ Travel iron/steamer
________ Folding scissors (place in checked baggage)
________ Laundry bag/laundry soap packets
________ Ziptop plastic bags
________ Enjoy your trip knowing that your pets and home are being cared for by a professional!
Travel ChecklistCompliments of Personal Pet and Home Care at AllenPetCare.com